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An image of Croft Road in Nuneaton from a bicycle camera in the centre of the lane, about to pass a traffic island pinch point. Parked cars line the road ahead, and traffic is flowing in the opposite direction. Houses line the right side of the road. To the left is a green strip with a few fairly young trees.

An appropriate response to a consultation submission?

Recently, Warwickshire County Council ran a short consultation on installing speed cushions on Croft Road, Nuneaton. Responding to that, an objection submitted by yours truly noted the issues these can cause for cycling, including the potential increase in the risk from close passes, and in particular the impact on accessible cycling – points that appear…

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An extremely short designation of shared use path seen on the opposite side of the carriageway to the camera. A shared use roundel announces the start of the route which is then ended just a few meters on with "end of route" and "cyclists dismount" signs. A proper shared use path is on the camera side of the road.

Nuneaton’s shortest shared use path?

When it comes to shared use infrastructure, how short is too short? Perhaps when it’s only a few metres, flanked on either side by a regular footpath (i.e., not designated for cycling), and where the path on the opposite side has a proper and useful (if poor considering modern standards) shared use route.

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Asking Labour to support and fund active travel

Following the general election result last week that saw a new Labour government come to power, as well as a change of MPs in Nuneaton, I have written again to Jodie Gosling MP. This time I have asked that she in turn write to the new Secretary of State for Transport (Louise Haigh) and the…

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A bicycle at a polling station

A lack of commitment from Labour?

Given that a Labour government looks likely after the upcoming General Election next month, and that Labour is the primary challenger to Nuneaton’s Tory incumbent MP, I wrote recently to Jodie Gosling – Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Nuneaton – to ask for her and the Party’s views and intentions on active travel. I’ve had a…

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