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Cycling along the A47 Long Shoot in Nuneaton, a 40mph, as a lorry passes at a safe distance.

Warwickshire PAUSES Nuneaton cycle schemes

Warwickshire County Council has stated that it is pausing development of its often-delayed Long Shoot Cycle Scheme and its Hinckley Road scheme in Nuneaton. The reasoning for this decision has been attributed both to levels of community support and a funding shortfall.

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Person riding a bicycle at night, dressed in a high-visibility long-sleeved jacket and rainbow-striped socks. Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious (Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED) -

Be Safe Be Seen: The sop to road safety

It’s that time of year again when so-called road safety organisations start trotting out their “Be Safe Be Seen” and similar campaigns, telling everyone outside of motor vehicles that they must dress up especially to help drivers see them – a common road safety sop that avoids addressing the source of danger, removes drivers from…

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Top down view of a bicycle saddle with the brand name "Islabikes". Original Image by Dave Haygarth. CC BY 2.0 DEED (

Islabikes to cease bike sales

After eighteen years of production and sale of high quality children’s bicycles, Islabikes has announced it is to end the sale of bikes once its current stock is exhausted. The announcement comes as both the founder, Isla Rowntree, and current managing director, Tim Goodall, no longer wish to continue in turbulent times for the cycling…

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The edge of a rough road with a locked metal gate across it to prevent unauthorised motor vehicle access. A narrow gap to the side of the gate has been left for walking, wheeling, and cycling.

Accessibility fail for Network Rail

In an attempt to reduce instances of flytipping on its land, Network Rail has installed a new locked gate on Stoney Road, Nuneaton – part of National Cycle Network Route 52. However, while there is a gap to the side of the new barrier, it does not comply with current accessibility guidelines.

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A no-cycling sign on an upright pole at the entrance to a narrow pedestrianised town centre street.

Cycle ban proposal for Nuneaton Town Centre

A Nuneaton police inspector has requested a cycling ban for Nuneaton’s town centre, to deal with antisocial cycling with the specific issue of young people pulling wheelies cited as a reason why it’s required – a sledgehammer to crack a nut approach that won’t solve the problem.

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Separated bidirectional cycleway in Coventry. A floating bus-stop is on the left of the image.

Video: Coventry’s Binley Cycleway

Take a look at Coventry’s newest separated cycleway running from the University Hospital to just outside of the City Centre. Although this is a roughly 3.4 mile (5.4km) route, it does currently have a gap of about 0.7 miles (1.1km) along Clifford Bridge Road where infrastructure is yet to be built.

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A47 Long Shoot, Nuneaton (West Bound). On the left is a town boundary sign. A pedestrian island is visible in the middle of the road, presenting as a pinch point.

Another Delay to the Long Shoot Route

The wait for construction on Warwickshire’s high quality cycle scheme alongside the A47 Long Shoot in Nuneaton continues as the local authority has confirmed another delay to the project. While the scheme is still expected to proceed, it is now hoped that construction on the 1.4km route will begin early in 2024.

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