Bike Ride: Nuneaton to Rugby

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Last week, I decided to embark on a ride from Nuneaton to Rugby – not the longest ride I’ve done yet (that’s the 72km/45mi Leicester ride last year, so far), but still an objective I’ve wanted to do for a long time but hadn’t got around to. There was no particular reason for the trip to be made on the day I did it, other than I hadn’t done many longer rides this year so far, the weather was nice, and I had no work in – so, why not?

The total ride length ended up being a reasonable 50km or about 31 miles, so short of that longest ride total by a significant margin, but it still made for a good near 3.5 hours of cycling (including rest stops) on a nice spring day with a couple of climbs that I found a bit challenging but not insurmountable (particularly coming back). So, compared to last year’s Leicester ride, it was rather pleasant.

Part of the outbound route can be seen in the accelerated video below, which picks up just as I leave Nuneaton and runs through Bulkington, Shilton, Ansty, Brinklow and Newbold on Avon before arriving at Rugby and travelling in to the town centre. I took the reverse route back. This extract is about 14.3 miles and covers about 72 minutes of cycling (excluding stops), condensed into just 18 minutes.

Arriving at Rugby, I realised that perhaps I was slightly foolish to leave my lock at home. I didn’t want to carry the extra weight, but this meant that I couldn’t really stop at the town save for a ten minute bench rest to munch my snacks before setting off on the return journey. Being roughly midday, lunch would have been welcome, but I was fueled enough that I didn’t suffer too much on the trip back – hungry, yes; but not out of energy.

Elevation Profile (Source: Strava)

Route Summary

  1. Leave Nuneaton on Bulkington Lane, southbound towards Bulkington.
  2. Leave Bulkington southbound on the B4029 Bulkington Road towards Shilton.
  3. At Shilton, continue southbound on the B4065 towards Ansty.
  4. Just before Ansty, take a left turn to continue south on the B4029 to Brinklow.
  5. At Brinklow, turn left onto Coventry Road and head east.
  6. Continue ahead, and as the road makes a 90-degree turn to the right, take the left turn on to Rugby Road (signposted for Easehall – not for Rugby).
  7. Immediately turn right onto Cathiron Lane and continue east.
  8. Continue along this lane as it cross a bridge over the canal and another bridge over the railway. At the T-junction, turn right to take the unnamed lane southbound towards Little Lawford.
  9. At the T-junction, turn left and head east on Little Lawford Lane towards Newbold on Avon.
  10. At the T-junction, turn right and head east on the B4112 Main Street for Newbold on Avon.
  11. At the crossroads, turn right to head southbound on Parkfield Road.
  12. Join the shared use paths and continue southbound on the Western Relief Road/Parkfield Road.
  13. Turn left onto the A428 Lawford Road, heading east for a short distance on the shared path.
  14. Follow the sign to ‘Town Centre’ using an alley to cut through to Bridle Road through to Jubilee Street.
  15. Head north on Jubilee Street, then at the T-junction, turn right to continue east on Avenue Road.
  16. Continue straight and up the hill as Avenue Road becomes Bridget Street.
  17. As Bridget Street makes a 90-degree turn to become Plowman Street, take the signed cut-through to West Leyes.
  18. Follow West Leyes eastbound to meet the A426 Corporation Street. Take the shared path on the left to the toucan crossing and cross Corporation Street.
  19. Continue east, away from Corporation Street, on Little Elborow Street passing the Rugby Art Gallery, Museum and Library on the right; Asda on the left, passing through the car park.
  20. Continue ahead to take Wooll Street to Sheep Street and Rugby Town Centre.

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