Consultations Have Closed!

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Update: 19 March 2021 – The consultations have now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback in support of active travel and well-designed cycle schemes.

Original Post (18 March 2021)

Today is the final day for two consultations being held in Warwickshire that are important for cycling and transport. If you have not had your say yet, don’t miss out – get your feedback in now!

The first is a broad survey taking comments that will be used to shape the upcoming revision to the County Council’s Local Transport Plan (LTP). It’s an important opportunity to tell the Council that it needs to prioritise active travel in the county, to rebalance the road networks so that there is greater equity for all road users, moving away from the dominance of the motor car.

You can respond to this consultation at:

The second consultation is project-specific, relating to Nuneaton’s A47 Long Shoot Cycle Scheme that is proposed to be installed between the roundabout with Eastboro Way, and the A5. I’ve done a fair bit of analysis on this project and you can see what I’ve written, including my own submission into the consultation, on this blog.

You can read my analysis and find the link to respond to the consultation at:

It doesn’t have to take long to respond to either of these consultations. So, don’t miss out on these opportunities to stress the importance of high-quality cycling infrastructure that is well-designed, safe, accessible and attractive to use.

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