Have Your Say: Improving Walking and Cycling in Warwickshire (Closed)

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Warwickshire County Council is looking for your comments on where you think improvements could be made to aid walking and cycling for local journeys. Over the past few weeks, and with a deadline of 09 July 2021, people across the county have been plotting their opinions on a map of Warwickshire, broken down by borough. Have your thoughts been captured?

Update 10 July 2021: This project has now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted comments and/or agreed with existing feedback. 2,010 comments were submitted across the county, with 257 comments in the Nuneaton and Bedworth area alone – a significant number given we are a small borough! While the consultation is now closed to new comments, you can still look at the map and read what was submitted.

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Logging comments is easy. Just visit the website – https://warwickshirelcwip.commonplace.is/about – register an email address, and then pin your comments on to the map. If a similar comment to yours already exists, you don’t need to add it again. Just hit the “Agree” button to show your support! For Nuneaton and Bedworth alone there are now over 180 comments, with many hundreds more across the wider county.

Whether your idea is a small adjustment to the network or a larger scheme, make sure your views are heard, and share this with local friends and family so that their thoughts can be captured too! The deadline for comments is Friday 09 July 2021.

Find out more from Warwickshire County Council including why the authority is collecting this information and how they are going to put it to use as part of the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

Just some ideas of what could be included are:

  • The removal of barriers that make access to footpaths or cycleways difficult.
  • Reducing crossing distances for pedestrians across side roads.
  • New crossing points on roads to improve pedestrian safety and the directness of routes.
  • 20mph speed limits and physical speed restrictions to enforce slower driving.
  • New separated cycleways alongside main roads.
  • New off-road cycleways but separated from pedestrian routes.
  • Low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) and the closure of unnecessary through routes which may be used as rat-runs.
  • Secure cycle parking facilities.
  • Better lighting and/or CCTV coverage on isolated foot or cycle routes.

Have you found this content interesting or useful? If so, and if you are able to, any contributions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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