Council Revisits Road Design Plans

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It has been reported that Warwickshire County Council is to revisit plans to redevelop one of Nuneaton’s roads, and some of the reasons for doing so are the publication of LTN 1/20 (the DfT’s latest guidance for designing cycle infrastructure) and the declarations of a climate emergency.

The road in question is College Street and Bull Ring between the A444 roundabout and the junction with Heath End Road/Greenmoor Road. The project is Phase 2 of a scheme to improve the road layout in the area which can become heavily congested at peak times. Phase 1 relates to the redesign of that Heath End Road/Greenmoor Road junction.

While detailed intentions are not known at this time, that the Council has specifically mentioned the existence of cycle guidance as a reason for revisiting the scheme is reassuring. The route is an important one – it connects to the George Eliot Hospital and is close to a primary school – and would be a key part of a core cycle network in the town that (with later extensions) would provide a valuable connection in an area bereft of infrastructure, heavy with motor traffic, and extremely unattractive to cycle through.

Phase 1 of this project is still expected to go ahead in the summer of this year. It is not known at this time whether the plans for the junction are also going to be altered to better accommodate cycling through the area to complement Phase 2, however the plans that went out for consultation earlier this year fell far short for safe, comfortable, and accessible cycling. I and others put in objections on this point and it remains to be seen what the outcome of that will be.

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