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This short section of Midland Road in Nuneaton is a link between Stoney Road (and the National Cycle Network) and Stanley Road, a residential area and link through to Stockingford. It’s approximately 160 metres in length but has no cycle facilities. This means using what is a busy main road, intimidating as it is, but especially so when waiting to turn right – as HGVs and other traffic pass on the nearside.

A new Morrisons supermarket is earmarked to be built on the site to the left (north) here which is likely to induce further traffic and road complexity. As yet there is no specific confirmation of cycling improvements as part of the new development, yet they are clearly needed as this is not a safe, comfortable, nor attractive conenction. People should be able to cycle across this road to connect to/from the National Cycle Network and (when built) the Morrisons supermarket. Of course, Midland road more broadly also needs infrastructure as it provides an important connection between the Camp Hill area and the town centre.

Midland Road, Nuneaton (Stoney Road to Stanley Road)

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