Narrated Quick Look: A New Shared Use Path and Toucan Crossing

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A new junction has been installed on the A47 Long Shoot, Nuneaton, and with it comes a new bit of (as yet unconnected) shared use space and a toucan crossing. This will eventually form part of a broader high quality cycle route on the A47, though this specific junction predates the plans for the cycle scheme – hence the lower quality design.

There is one aspect that I’m pleased with here, given the limits of what we were going to get, but also some noteable shortcomings…


Hello bicycle Ben here, and I’m taking a ride down the A47 Long Shoot in Nuneaton, approaching the new junction that’s been installed with Leghorn Road. This is a shared-use path and a toucan crossing that will form part of the high-quality cycleway that’s planned for the Long Shoot, but the design for this predates the wider cycle scheme design, hence we have shared-use space and a toucan crossing.

I am quite pleased to see that we have a straight through arrangement here rather than a staggered arrangement, but it’s not entirely clear whether this is a single stage crossing or a two stage crossing. As a cyclist, I can just about make it across in a single stage, but we do have that beg button there in the central reservation that suggests it is a two stage design, and as a pedestrian I only make it about halfway before the beeps stop – but my instinct is to carry on walking across. So, there are some mixed signals about what the intention is here.

On the westbound direction in particular, you can see we have a problem with visibility on the path as we go around to the corner, where it also pinches in to really quite a narrow state – remembering that this is a shared-use space with other cyclists coming in the other direction; pedestrians as well, of course. So, you did have to be really careful as you go around that corner.

Toucan crossing controls are the usual affair here. We’ve got near-side signalling and controls that are located quite close to the carriageway. So, it’d be interesting to see how accessible this is from the viewpoint of someone who rides a non-standard cycle, where also that pinch point could be particularly problematic.

And it’s also worth noting, the main carriageway flows freely while cyclists of course are having to beg for their right to cross and continue. So, not ideal.

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