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A no-cycling sign on an upright pole at the entrance to a narrow pedestrianised town centre street.

(Updated) Warwickshire Council Squanders Funding Opportunity

Update: 05 July 2020 Since publishing this article yesterday, it has now been all but confirmed in a tweet by Cllr Damon Brown (Exhall, Conservative, NBBC) that temporary measures were scuppered by Cllr Jeff Clarke, Warwickshire Council Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning and Conservative councillor for Nuneaton East. Talking about an as-yet undetailed change to a rural bridge on

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Shire Hall, Warwick (CC BY 2.0 - Elliott Brown)

Warwickshire County Council Responds to Request for Emergency Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plans

Warwickshire County Council have given an initial response to my request for details about their plans to incorporate new temporary infrastructure to support walking and cycling throughout the county, following the announcement by the government that emergency funds would be made available to authorities around the country. The county has been allocated a total of £1.38bn from the Government’s scheme,

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Warwickshire County Council Response to Temporary Cycling Infrastructure

The following email was received from Warwickshire County Council on 08 June 2020 following my enquiries into the local authority’s plans for cycling infrastructure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government’s announcement of emergency funding.  For more information, see the resulting blog article of 09 June 2020. Dear Ben Many thanks for taking the time to write

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Asking Warwickshire and Nuneaton for their Plans to Enable Cycling

Following on from the blog article last week asking whether COVID-19 will cause a ‘new normal’ in local transport plans, and the recent government announcements about emergency funds for cycling and a five-year plan to double cycling rates in the country, I’ve written another letter. This time I’m writing to both Warwickshire County Council and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council

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Cycle Superhighway

£2bn Funding Promise for Cycling and Walking

Update: 10 May 2020, 22:05. The day after publishing the article below, the Government updated its advice regarding the coronavirus pandemic with Boris Johnson moving away from the ‘stay home’ messaging and instead saying that people should be encouraged to go back to work where they cannot work from home. This advice is dubious at the current stage of the

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Letter to Marcus Jones MP re Cycling Comments by the Prime Minister

Following on from comments made by the Prime Minister extolling the virtues of cycling, and my own blog article questioning whether cycling could become the ‘new normal’ thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, I once again have written to my MP regarding cycling. In the letter sent on 08 May 2020 and copied below, I call on him to support a

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Will COVID-19 Inspire a ‘New Normal’ in Local Transport?

One of the big positives to come out of the coronavirus crisis and the national lockdown has been an immediate shift in transport with a dramatic and very noticeable drop in motor vehicle transport. At one point road travel fell to levels not seen since the mid-1950s and although it has since increased, we’re still at 1970s levels. How can

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Shared-use Path passing The Pingles

Transforming Nuneaton Consultation Responses

Back in November, I wrote commenting on plans published surrounding the redevelopment of Nuneaton’s leisure centre, The Pingles, and surrounding park space. Yesterday (29 February), consultations closed asking for members of the public to make their own comments on these plans and other town-centre focused development ideas. My response to the consultations was as follows:

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Pingles Leisure Centre

Redevelopment of Nuneaton’s Leisure Facilities

Nuneaton and Bedworth Council (NBBC) have announced plans to make significant improvements to its leisure facilities including a new, replacement leisure centre in Bedworth, new facilities to the North of Nuneaton – and the enhancement of the existing Pingles Leisure Centre just south of the town centre. However, there are some aspects of the plan for Pingles that concern me

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Road Alteration Plans in Nuneaton

It’s been reported that as part of the Transforming Nuneaton project, ideas are afoot to make significant changes to the town’s ring-road (part of the A444), including the branch of the road passing the station. While changes do consider improvements for bus services and make mention of cycling access to the station, in general they concern me.

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