Category: A47 Hinckley Road Cycle Scheme

Warwickshire County Council is developing a cycle scheme to connect from just outside of Nuneaton town centre to the junction with the Long Shoot and Eastboro Way. This will be an approximately 2.2km (1.36 mile) route effectively serving as an extension to the Long Shoot Cycle Scheme, creating a protected cycling corridor from near the town, out to the A5 and (then using existing shared use paths) on to Hinckley.

This table summarises the development of this scheme and any related articles can be found below.

Date Event
19 May 2023 Active Travel England announced funding award for local authorities. WCC received £4.761m, of which £1.15m is to fund this scheme. Construction must begin by the end of March 2024.
01 December 2023 Warwickshire County Council has paused development of this scheme. See more:
Cycling along the A47 Long Shoot in Nuneaton, a 40mph, as a lorry passes at a safe distance.

Warwickshire PAUSES Nuneaton cycle schemes

Warwickshire County Council has stated that it is pausing development of its often-delayed Long Shoot Cycle Scheme and its Hinckley Road scheme in Nuneaton. The reasoning for this decision has been attributed both to levels of community support and a funding shortfall.

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