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Warwickshire County Council is proposing to install a high-quality cycleway on the A47 between the junction with Eastboro Way and the A5 – it’s only approximately 1.4km (0.9 miles), but the first step in creating a safe, direct route into the town centre. To support the scheme, the County Council has committed a budget of £438,000.

The articles below comment on and follow the development of this scheme, from the release of plans and the start of consultation in the middle of February 2021.


Date Event
16 February 2021 WCC release initial plans for the Long Shoot cycleway and launch a public consultation.
18 March 2021 Scheme consultation closed.
20 September 2021 Request submitted for an update on the project.
19 October 2021 WCC confirmed construction delayed to early 2022; hopes to release plans before year end.
29 December 2021 Separate works set to begin on the junction for the new Callendar Farm estate – no suggestion that there has been a noteable deviation from the plans shown as part of the cycle scheme.
05 January 2022 Revised plans have not been published yet; request submitted for an update on the project.
26 January 2022 WCC confirmed construction is delayed again; now anticipated to begin in Summer 2022.
December 2022 A47/Leghorn Road (Callendar Farm) junction works are complete.
January 2023 WCC expect to advertise notices and orders in the spring, and hope to commence construction later in the year.
19 May 2023 As part of the funding award announced by Active Travel England, an effective extenion to the Long Shoot scheme has been funded which will complete the section between the Long Shoot/Eastboro Way junction, along the A47 Hinckley Road towards the town centre.
25 August 2023 A further update from Warwickshire CC has been requested on current development and timescales, given the notices/orders that were expected to be advertised in the Spring (see January 2023) have not appeared yet.
07 September 2023 In its response to the request for an update, Warwickshire CC confirmed a further delay. Notices/orders are expected to be advertised in the autumn, and the hope is for delivery to commence early in 2023.
01 December 2023 Warwickshire County Council has paused development of this scheme. See more:
The consultation on this scheme closed on 18 March 2021. If you’ve provided feedback, thank you. Check back on this page to keep up to date with the scheme developments, or visit the County Council’s page at
Cycling along the A47 Long Shoot in Nuneaton, a 40mph, as a lorry passes at a safe distance.

Warwickshire PAUSES Nuneaton cycle schemes

Warwickshire County Council has stated that it is pausing development of its often-delayed Long Shoot Cycle Scheme and its Hinckley Road scheme in Nuneaton. The reasoning for this decision has been attributed both to levels of community support and a funding shortfall.

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A47 Long Shoot, Nuneaton (West Bound). On the left is a town boundary sign. A pedestrian island is visible in the middle of the road, presenting as a pinch point.

Another Delay to the Long Shoot Route

The wait for construction on Warwickshire’s high quality cycle scheme alongside the A47 Long Shoot in Nuneaton continues as the local authority has confirmed another delay to the project. While the scheme is still expected to proceed, it is now hoped that construction on the 1.4km route will begin early in 2024.

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Handlebar view looking across a new road junction with a toucan crossing.

Narrated Quick Look: A New Shared Use Path and Toucan Crossing

A quick look at the new junction that has been installed on the A47 Long Shoot, Nuneaton, and the new bit of (as yet unconnected) shared use space and toucan crossing. This will eventually form part of a broader high quality cycle route on the A47, though this specific junction predates the plans for the cycle scheme – hence the lower quality design.

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A new shared-use path at a significant junction, crossed by a toucan crossing offset to the left from the line of the path.

The Long Wait for the Long Shoot Cycle Scheme

It has been over a year since Warwickshire County Council last responded to a request for an update on the cycle scheme to run alongside the A47 Long Shoot in Nuneaton. This 1.4km scheme was originally put out to public consultation in early 2021. Since then, general updates from the local authority have been sparse and the project subject to delays – not helped by another road junction scheme that was subject to its own overruns. Now, the Council has provided further comment in response to a new request for information.

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Long Shoot Cycle Scheme Delayed

Update: 26 January 2022 A further request for an update on this project was submitted in early January, after 2021 concluded with no public update from the County Council. In its response, WCC has noted that plans are still not ready for publication and that the anticipated commencement of construction is now the summer of 2022, following the conclusion of

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Thank You Image

Consultations Have Closed!

Update: 19 March 2021 – The consultations have now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback in support of active travel and well-designed cycle schemes. Original Post (18 March 2021) Today is the final day for two consultations being held in Warwickshire that are important for cycling and transport. If you have not had your say yet, don’t

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Cover Image with Title: A47 Long Shoot Cycle Scheme. Updated Information and Alternative Junction Designs

Update on the A47 Cycle Scheme

A recurring topic over the past couple of articles has been the proposed new high quality cycle scheme in Nuneaton, on a stretch of road known as the Long Shoot – part of the A47. The scheme is an initial project intended to improve cycle connectivity between the A5 (and Hinckley, beyond) to the town centre. The initial plans have

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A47 Long Shoot Cycle Scheme Consultation Response - Cover Image

A47 Long Shoot Cycleway – Your Voice Matters!

Last week I wrote about the plans by Warwickshire County Council to develop a new high quality cycleway along the A47 Long Shoot, an initial phase of a plan to improve the cycle link between Nuneaton and Hinckley. I expressed how I was pleased to see these plans develop which have been in the pipeline for a little white, but

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A47 Long Shoot Cycleway Plans

On Tuesday 16 February, Warwickshire County Council released its initial plans for the development of a high quality cycleway in Nuneaton. The approximately 1.4km (0.9mi) route will run from the A5, along the A47 Long Shoot, to the roundabout junction with Eastboro Way. The intention is to improve cycle safety and enable greater cycle take-up along this corridor which links

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