Category: Nuneaton-Bedworth-Coventry Cycle Scheme

Coventry's Coundon Cycleway, a bidirectional route. This image also includes a pedestrian footpath and zebra crossing, a bus stop, and a general traffic road. It therefore illustrates multi-modal transport.

Foleshill Road Granted Coventry’s Third Cycle Scheme

In a demonstration of its continued commitment to active travel, the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) has announced that Coventry’s third protected cycle scheme will be constructed along Foleshill Road. This will be the first scheme that serves an area to the north of the city, and comes after the construction of the Coundon and Binley routes.

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Shared use path with foliage to the left and a road name sign labelled "Coventry Road". To the right of the path is the main carriageway when a truck loaded with pipework has just gone past.

State of the Scheme: Nuneaton to Coventry via Bedworth

There is a scheme in Warwickshire to create an active travel corridor between the edge of Nuneaton through Bedworth and down to the border with Coventry – what should be a valuable and obvious backbone route for a cycling network. However, since the approval of funding within the County Council back in November 2019, there has been no public news or update on progress. So, having asked the question, here is an overview of the plan and the state of things as they stand now, two and a half years later.

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