Nuneaton-Bedworth-Coventry Scheme

A scheme to link Nuneaton to Coventry via Bedworth via approximately 4km of cycling infrastructure is in the pipeline. Described by Warwickshire County Council as providing “safe and attractive cycling access to major employment sites, supporting planned housing growth and enabling access to cultural and sporting events including 2021 Coventry UK City of Culture and 2022 Commonwealth Games activities, by non-car modes” (source), this would form an important link between these nearby urban locations where currently cycling is limited to only the most confident on the roads.

This page will serve to record a timeline of the development of this scheme, should it progress.

Aug 2018WCC bid for £900,000 from the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) towards £1.2m cycle scheme.
Nov 2018Bid for funding from the CWLEP failed.
19 Nov 2019WCC approve £1.012m CIF funding for the construction of two sections of route on the B4113.
Mar 2022No known public updates at this time. Information requested from WCC for a public update.
11 Apr 2022The two schemes remain in the preliminary design phase. Response to request for information.

Write up of the current state of play:

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