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The Fiets Website and the Fiets Podcast rely on your support to stay advert free. If you are able to, any help you can provide is gratefully received.

Your contributions help with ongoing costs related to keeping the website and podcast online, as well as the time spent writing articles, recording podcast editions, and other aspects of active/sustainable travel advocacy. This is a time consuming endeavour which I do because I believe in it, but it takes valuable time away from paid work projects.

I have chosen to use Ko-Fi to allow people like you who want to support content creators to do so through a small payment. You can choose how much to donate on a one-off or recurring monthly payment (minimum £3.00. Cancel subscriptions at any time).

If you choose to contribute, thank you. But if you can’t then don’t worry – I get that times are tough for everyone. You can still support the site, podcast, and sustainable travel advocacy by sharing content, subscribing to the podcast (search “fiets cycle” in your app), and getting involved yourself by pressing your councillors for better infrastructure in your local area.

Again, thank you for your support!

For complete transparency, any contributions are paid to me less service costs, are treated as general income, and are not specifically ring-fenced for cycling or advocacy purposes. All contributions are declared for tax purposes. Supporters are not afforded any special status, access, or editorial control, and contributions are entirely voluntary.

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