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Image of a close pass of a cyclist through a pinch-point (handlebar camera view).

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership dangerously misrepresent the Highway Code

In the last few days, a particular tweet and Facebook post from the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership (WRSP) has caused a stir due to misrepresenting the updated Highway Code in favour of drivers wanting to pass cyclists. The tweet has since been deleted, although the Facebook post remains up at the time of writing. So, what is the problem?

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Handlebar view of a road junction with three lanes - turn left, turn right, and oncoming traffic - travelling in the centre, "turn right" lane.

Cycling Fail for Junction Redesign

In 2022, Warwickshire County Council redesigned the layout of a rural junction near Ansty – and completely failed to provide anything for cycling. Not even painted lanes and advance stop lines (ASLs). In fact, the new layout is arguably worse than it was for cycling northbound across the junction, given that it presents as a noteable climb.

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National Cycle Network Route Signs (52 and 63)

Cycle Route Signage and Wayfinding

A discussion arose on Twitter yesterday about how to signpost cycle routes in the UK, whether to use distances (miles) or times (minutes) to a destination – a little premature maybe since we’re still lacking safe, direct routes, but it’s an interesting thing to consider in terms of what is best for usability and for promoting the network in order

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Shire Hall, Warwick (CC BY 2.0 - Elliott Brown)

Warwickshire County Council Responds to Request for Emergency Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plans

Warwickshire County Council have given an initial response to my request for details about their plans to incorporate new temporary infrastructure to support walking and cycling throughout the county, following the announcement by the government that emergency funds would be made available to authorities around the country. The county has been allocated a total of £1.38bn from the Government’s scheme,

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Asking Warwickshire and Nuneaton for their Plans to Enable Cycling

Following on from the blog article last week asking whether COVID-19 will cause a ‘new normal’ in local transport plans, and the recent government announcements about emergency funds for cycling and a five-year plan to double cycling rates in the country, I’ve written another letter. This time I’m writing to both Warwickshire County Council and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council

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Cycle Superhighway

£2bn Funding Promise for Cycling and Walking

Update: 10 May 2020, 22:05. The day after publishing the article below, the Government updated its advice regarding the coronavirus pandemic with Boris Johnson moving away from the ‘stay home’ messaging and instead saying that people should be encouraged to go back to work where they cannot work from home. This advice is dubious at the current stage of the

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