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Weddington Road Cycle Scheme

As part of the Nuneaton Town Investment Plan, there is an early stage project to provide separated high quality cycling provision along approximately 0.9km (0.6 miles) of the A444 Weddington Road. The scheme would run from the Leicester Road junction at the south, to Brook Lane to the north, and will provide a useful (if short) main road link for

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Improving Cycle/Pedestrian Crossing Points – Part 2

A couple of weeks back, I compiled a number of what I considered to be small suggestions on how a small section of road, and in particular the pedestrian and cycling crossing points, could be improved. This I sent through to Warwickshire County Council Highways, and today I received a response. The general message seems pretty positive on the surface.

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Improving Cycle/Pedestrian Crossing Points

In Nuneaton, there is an advisory cycle lane that runs on the Weddington Road/A444 southbound towards the town. The lane is far from perfect – it’s advisory only, frequently has cars parked in it and is only paint not affording cyclists any real protection from motor traffic. In an ideal world, I’d see the whole route upgraded but I’ve decided

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